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Friday Update: A Statue Levitates, and Office Furniture Arrives

August 5, 2011

So… about that statue.  She’s been moved to the basement to be refurbished.  Getting her down there was an adventure, as you saw on Wednesday.  I was in the attic watching as the construction crew removed her from her damaged pedestal, and took her to the hole in the roof:

As they gingerly strapped her down for flight, I heard on of the crew members nervously say, “I was kind of hoping she would just levitate out of here on her own.”

But when she finally took to the skies, it sort of felt like she was doing it on her own.  She glided up and out…

…and landed softly and safely in the faculty parking lot below.  Did we celebrate?  Perhaps a little:

I’ll keep you updated on the progress with the statue.  But now, let’s take a trip back into the construction zone.  Furniture has arrived in the Student Service Center!

My new office suite has walls:

And my old office suite is a nearly-complete, brand new, seriously huge classroom:

They moved the door from where it was in the old suite, so when I first walked onto the third floor I got pretty confused.  Spinning in a circle, flailing my arms, and saying, “Whaaaa?” seemed to help, for some reason.

You may recall me telling you that two old offices are being turned into seminar rooms.  Here is one:

Lastly, the Bookstore is almost ready for business:

I don’t know if it was the sunshine, the paint color or the new shelves, but when I walked in here I had the strongest urge to buy a sweatshirt.  What marketing genius designed this place, anyway?

On Monday I have a very special treat for you.  Professor Julia Belian has been doing some research on Dowling Hall (she doesn’t use Wikipedia, unlike some people we know), and she made a pretty incredible discovery: pictures of the building when it was brand new.  Come back Monday to see them, and to find out what some of our biggest rooms were used for originally!


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  1. Christina – I need a ‘ghost-writer’ for a future book deal. Are you available?

    • Ahh, yes. Glad you asked. I have a few books in the works at the moment, but I do have an opening in my schedule in 2013. The going rate is one-hundred million dollars, but we can discuss that in person. I’m open to negotiation. Call my secretary to schedule an appointment.

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