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A-Framing We Go!

September 3, 2012

Wow, framing is fun, right?

No, not that kind of framing!  My word, it’s almost as if you haven’t been reading this blog and learning construction terms for the past 14 months.  Honestly, people.

This kind of framing, obviously…

Those are rooms starting to take shape before your very eyes. The second floor framing is underway, and the contractor expects to start the drywall soon.  Now that the framing is up, you can begin to see the interior structure taking shape, and get a feel for the flow of the new home for our Clinics.

The roof is nearly complete, but still no helicopter. In lieu of that, Assistant Dean for Operations Amy Smith tells me she may be able to get on the roof to take a photo.  (Well, that kind of robs me of my bargaining chip for procuring a helicopter ride, but okay. Thanks, Dean Smith… I suppose.)

Somehow we’ve gotten this far without any ghost sightings.  Surely a building this old and with this much history must have its ghosts.  Perhaps I need to do a little digging.  Or maybe an overnight stay is in order?  Anyone in?  I will bring you breakfast in the morning!


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